PSU just caught fire?

As the topic says, my PSU just pretty much caught fire. I was gaming, and suddenly, I noticed sparks inside my PC case (see-through on the side of it), coming from the PSU. It's also the only part that smelled like it caught fire, lol. Writing from another pc. What is the chance the other PC parts inside are still intact? Need to know wether I should bother buying just a new psu, or if I should just scrap the whole thing.

Cheers. xD
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  1. How old is the computer?

    If it is new'ish I would try to save it.

    There is probably a 50-50 chance your stuff is fine.

    When PSUs spark and catch fire, though, its generally not a good time to be components.

    That is why we generally try to tell people to get good PSUs that almost never go out with a bang like that.
  2. PSU is old. All other components are relatively new. Guess I'll try to save it. Ugh.. now if only there was a store in Sweden that's open tomorrow, or even the day after, lol.
  3. Guess it would make sense why the PSU blew if it was old.
  4. Yeah.. well. Lets hope the other parts are good to go, though. Would kinda suck to need a whole new computer. What parts are usually the ones to go in an incident like this? That is, when the PSU decides to explode (or rather, start to sparkle), which other parts usually die from it? If you have any idea, I'd be grateful to know.
  5. My bet would be on graphics card, then motherboard, then hard drives in order of likelihood. Other stuff less likely.
  6. Your fears a probably right, I suppose you could try them to make sure.
  7. Only one way to find out.
  8. GPU still have warranty, but I dunno if it'd cover that it got fried by the PSU right below it, lol. Motherboards don't cost too much, and the HDD/SSD are both pretty new, so in the worst case I could send those back and get new ones. Well. We'll see. Thanks for the responses. Hopefully it was only the PSU that died from this rather awkward occourance. Signing off now. Cheer. :P
  9. Wow... looks like you're taking this whole thing awfully well. Glad to hear it, kinda. :heink:

    Anyway, as has been said, the first thing I'd try if this was my system would be to buy a new power supply... preferably a quality unit... and try it. Best case scenario - everything's fine and it boots up like nothing happened. Wouldn't be surprised if it takes a CMOS reset first, but that's nothing big. Likely scenario - You end up getting a new motherboard to go along with that power supply. Worst case scenario - the new power supply puts out power to a damaged graphics card or something on the motherboard which proceeds to arc and ignite... somewhat funny, yet extremely unlikely.

    You don't really have much to lose at this point by trying a replacement first.

    Best of luck. :)
  10. A new psu would be my suggestion. If everything else is new and up to date then all you should need is another psu, a modular one would be a good idea. Hopefully everything else is okay.

    If you buy a psu, test everything out. Everything should boot up as expected with no changes in terms of software. Something is different or not working come back to us for advice
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