GTX 560ti (oc) and BF3

Hi all,

Im currently running SLI GTX 560 ti (oc) cards with latest nVidia drivers.

Would just like to get a consensus of what most people have found to be the best work arounds for BF3 when their computers crash constantly in online play.

Firstly though, personally its been a nightmare for me with this game, and if I didnt like it as much as I do, I would have given up ages ago. First I had horrible jerking in campaign, disabling hyper threading fixed that. Secondly it would freeze in campaign, downclocking my card to 820Mhz from factory OC 900Mhz mostly fixed that. Thirdly still getting freezes in online play, along with downclocking I tried upping the voltage from 1050 to 1062 (its actually 1.050 right? MSI Afterburner doesnt seem to use the decimal point if im not mistaken) this seems to delay the freezing but will still inevitably crash/freeze. also I've noticed my cards are getting disturbingly hot, the primary card is reaching 101 degrees Celsius with the second card reaching around 83-84 degrees Celsius. it not right, right??

Im going to invest in a better case soon with better cooling, any ideas to help me with the cooling would be appreciated but what im REALLY after in this post is what have other people tried who have the GTX 560ti (oc) cards to be the most effective work around for them with this awesome but currently terribly flawed game???

Cheers in advance guys, happy fragging lol.
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  1. Hi Just posted about exact same thing. I have the Gigabyte 560ti 900mhz and had problems since installing BF3.

    Tried underclocking, flashing bios and changing voltage. non made any difference. Did a clean win install last night and put Win7 64 on. Seems to be better.

    Apparently disabling cpu HT can make a difference. I might be stubborn... But I dont really want to disable/downgrade/underclock anything. Paid for these components to perform at these speeds.

    Your problem does seem temp related though. Mine never goes about 65.

    I personnally think its either a bad batch (Bloody large batch) of OC cards or just terrible drivers.

    What is it with gfx cards today?... Sent a faulty 6870 back last week too. Ran a 8800gt for 4 years without missing a beat.
  2. Another 560 should help. The processor should not matter. Anyways... this BF3 seems to one of the most bug filled games around!
  3. The game is still new and a bit buggy. It needs a couple of patches
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