3.4ghz P4 vs 2.2ghz pentiumD

Just a little querie, I've been gaming on a pentium 4 3.4ghz machine with 2gb of ddr1 ram and just recently upgraded from a geforce 6600 to a radeon 6670 which was a hell of a jump, instead of struggling on cod 2 I'm smashing mod warfare 1 on full graphics (1280 x 1024) and Doom 3 on ultra. Well today I was given a Pentium D 2.2ghz with with 2gb of ddr2 ram and it has a geforce 8800 in it, I know the graphic card dosn't matter as they are interchangeable but my p4 is running a 915 chipset so the pentium d won't work in it, which would be the better system for gaming for a broke arse, when I have a couple of bucks I'm going tho track down a core 2 duo to replace the the pentium d and 2 x 2gb sticks of ram, the motherboard is an asus P5GC-MX
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  1. I say make do what with you have now and save up, then go for a system upgrade.
    But if you HAVE to update now, keep the Pentium D system with 6670 GPU, replace D with a compatible C2D processor for asus P5GC-MX and get 2 GB additional RAM. That would be best scenario for you. But make sure you have a good PSU.
  2. Thanks ambar_hitman what you suggest is what I was going to do, I just wasn't sure which was the better cpu, I'm just trying to hold of till I can afford an i3, mother board and 2x4gb ddr3 ram, plus I have a mate with a store where I got the 6670 from who can sell me another 6670 for $70 aus dollars and I was going to crossfire them, my 6670 over clocks to 900 mhz for the gpu and 750 mhz for the ram just with the catalyst setup, I already have a nice new 650w power supply to replace my old 400w which died after 8 years thanks to a thunder storm
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    Keep in mind that using 2 6670s with Pentium D or maybe even C2D wont help as your CPU will be a bottleneck in most games.
    Best option is to wait and do a proper system upgraded.
  4. no I was planning the 2 6670's for when I get a i3 sandy bridge in the 3.0ghz or quicker mark, I realise the cpu would be a bottleneck, its that way now on my p4, its killing the 6670, plays doom 3 on ultra, even under wine on ubuntu, but wolfenstein 2009 which has the same graphic engine as doom 3, but I'm assuming being newer must be optimised for multiple cores because they where common and hence won't play better then about 15 fps on my rig with everthing on low. My old p4 rig was built for doom 3 in the day, spent $2,500 on the power hungry room heater. lol
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