Dual channel 2x4gb with 2x8gb Pairup

Hi guys this is my first post

I had 4pcs 4gb geil forsa enhanced ddr3-1600mhz pc-12800 1.5v cl9-9-9-28 ram. I currently had a thermaltake frio advanced cpu cooler installed (,

had to remove the hi-profile geil forsa off the fourth dimm slot, also had to remove another from slot# 3 since my system somehow slowed down after removing the fourth.

I plan on buying a low-profile crucial ballistix 16gb kit (2x8gb ddr3-1600mhz pc12800 1.5v cl9-9-9-24 ram) I have a gigabyte z77-ud3h mobo. I just want to ask if

It is possible to pair up (2x8gb low-profile crucial ballistix ddr3-1600mhz pc12800 1.5v cl9-9-9-24 ram) with (2x4gb geil forsa enhanced ddr3-1600mhz pc-12800 1.5v cl9-9-9-28 ram) ?
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  1. bump:: anyone that has succesfully ran a system with similar pairings pls testify?
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    Not a good idea to mix memory, just go with the crucial, 16Gb should be enough memory for a few more years. I am running with only 8Gb and use only around 40% max when playing games.
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  4. the reason I added 8more gb is that I sometimes reach 7.8gb Im using 4gb as a ramdask for my printer/browser/etc... cache. well I guess I still need to find that 16gb low profile kit, thanks for the feedback kinghtdog56
  5. Do you think it's still a bad idea to mix modules that are the same manufacturer and model, simply different sizes??
  6. There's no guarantees even with two sets of the same exact model
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