Dead ENGTX 260

Hi everyone,
Since yesterday my desktop pc stopped working.
I was playing a game and,after 30-45 seconds the pc totally shutdown without giving me blue screen ecc...

I tried to turn on it but here what it does:
-All fan are running (cpu fan,2 case fan and mobo fan);
-Power comes to HDD since i hear them start and running;
-The GPU fan is down,and i think the GPU too since i don't have NOTHING at screen ["no signal"] and it only get a FEW heat after 10 minuts that i turn on the power.

Now,my suspect is that the GPU is broken,but before changing it i'd like someone opinion tell me the same.

My thoughts:
-I tried to connect the GPU power also with 2 adapter

so i don't think the problem is the +12v line of the PSU.
-I have 2 PCI-E connector on the mobo and both doesn't work,also the fan and power button on the mobo run,so i think the mobo bus are ok.
-The GPU fan does not even run and GPU does not heat up so i think it's not even running and that make me think that it's the problem.

What you guys think?
(don't base your opinion on my idea that's the gpu please)

Thanks in advance.

Ps:the gpu fan should run only with power or it need also data from mobo to run? (just to exclude the mobo problem)
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  1. Thanks for reaply.

    Unfortunatelly i don't have an IGP :( and don't have other gpu to try.

    If the system just powers off without error screens, my bet would be on the PSU causing it.

    The system powered off yesterday while i tried to play a game,but now,the power is on but the pc doesn't work (load bios/windows ecc...i think it doesn't either enter in bios but it's just a thought as i don't see anything on the screen)
    A small video to understund what i mean:
    There's power,fan run,HDD starts,but gpu doesn't work and gpu fan doesn't run.
    Also monitor says "no signal" (it take some time because i just turned on the monitor)

    What's ur full specs anyways?

    -Psu: Corsair HX620W;
    -Cpu: Intel Q9950;
    -Gpu: Asus ENGTX260
    -Mobo: Asus P5N-D;

  2. Oh,one thing i forgot before:
    Those that u connect to the mobo are not PCi-E connectors, those go to your graphics card.

    I mean that on the mobo i've 2 pci-e x16 slot (it could be used as SLI) so i tried it on both.

    Could be fried motherboard too depending on how ur system went down.
    You're gonna need more hardware to test it out.

    Ok,i think at the end of the week i should try the vga on my friend pc to be sure if it's or not then.

  3. Ok,i've tried the vga on my friend's pc's working.
    So this is not the problem,now the decision seems to be between mobo/psu;
    -since the "paper-clip" test the psu run (is this test a secure proof that the psu is working fine?)
    -the mobo...i don't know how to test it,but even unpluggin the vga/ram ecc from the system don't make even 1 system beep to warn me that those devices are missing...

    Any opinion with those new information?

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