What GPU is better?

Hi there everyone :hello:

I am debating over these two GPUs that I will be running in SLI, the problem is though, I am confused :??:

These are my two options:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 2 says that is has cooling 20C lower than a reference card and option 1 says it has cooling 17C lower than a reference card.

Option 1 has a core clock of 950MHz and option 2 has a core clock of 880MHz. They both have the same memory clock so no difference there.

Option 2 is also over 100g lighter than option 1 which should be good for the motherboard since I will be doing SLI.

Also option 2 is $30 cheaper, so when I buy 2 I will save $60 towards my build.

I do plan on overclocking them in SLI so I really don't know which option to go with.

Please help me decide on what option i should go with and what you think the average FPS difference will be. I really want to know what card will serve me better.

Thanks :D
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    Although i am a fan of the HAWK model. I would say that Twin Frozr on this one. OC'ing a GPU does not have that much of benefit to me! So keep it cool. Also you can OC the TF as well at home!
  2. What is your main goal here ?
    If its speed pure and simple then the Hawk is basically made to over clock well and has consistently proven itself in review benchmarks.
    Also the temp difference of 20 and 17 c, you need to realise that the hawk is already running 70Mhz faster than the other card and is only loosing 3c

    It comes down to money in the end, if you can afford the Hawk then i doubt you will be disappointed.

    Mactronix :)
  3. Well I will be playing on a 24 inch monitor at 1920x1080p so if that matters then what would be better. Just out of curiosity what would be the FPS difference?

  4. At that res. i would prefer none. A GTX 570 for me! :)
  5. I heard 560 Ti's in SLI would beat a 580 so this is the main reason I wanted to get them. Also I save just over $100 which is great.
  6. If you have SLI in mind then i would agree that you can SLI the 560 and get good FPS. But if you are looking at a single card solution 570 is better. And 570 SLI is not slouch either!
  7. I will not plan on SLI if I get a better single GPU.

    So you guys would recommend option 2?

  8. For me... yes!
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm going to have to give best answer to hell_storm2004 because he answered first, sorry greghome.

    Thanks for the help!
  10. Best answer selected by appleshaq.
  11. What?
  12. Thanks for the vote! :)
  13. I think he meant Twin Frozr with that pic! That's greghome in his own way! :D
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