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Im looking for some help on my Sabertooth x58 mobo

Im running a 980x and i have the latest bios
I have 24gig of Cosair Dominator

my problem no matter what i have tried my mobo will only pick up 16gig

I have tried upping the voltage on each channel with the ram jumper in 1-2 position but this has not worked

is this because of the brand of memory i am using?

Or do i need to change the ram jumper position?

Or any other theorys?
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  1. Can you list the model number and size (gb) of each stick of ram. Ram jumper?? Have you changed it or touched it?
    I would take out all the ramsticks and then put in three , in the tan slots and see what is recognized. Then move them to the black slots and see what is recognized there and then take the other three sticks and do the same for them. You want to verify that all the sticks are working and at the same time all the slots as well.
    What does it say in the bios for ram amount and the bios splash screen.
  2. I got the corasir dominator as a full 24set 6 x 4gig so each module is so called pre matched tested ect no numbers as to which order they should be placed

    The jumper is still currently set at the 1-2 postion as it comes from manufacture but was currious if i would or should move this over due to putting so much ram in?

    I can adjust the voltages on each 6 channels but when i do this it does nothing, currently each time i switch my comp on it fails the first 2 bios starts which is telling me it must be picking this memory in some way but it wont boot until it reverts it back to the 16gig bios settings? if any of this any help?
  3. My best bet would be to update bios and things of that nature.
    Report back soon.
  4. Have you tried the sugestion I gave on placing the ram in the different slots?
    Does the owner manual say anything about the jumper and about what to do when putting in the 24gb of ram? Is there a bios update available?
  5. I already have the latest bios updated checked this begining of the week.

    It says nothing at all in manual about 24gig sets but i have seen plenty on here etc who have acheived this on my mobo.

    OV-DRAM-BUS jumper basically ups dram voltage from 2.00v to 2.46v if your ram can support such voltage

    Im having a bit of a blue screen fit at the minute, not sure if its my old hdd causing problem or what! but im off to take my water block off and start testing slots/dimms will be back in touch soon
  6. When i check the manual for your motherboard, it seems not all memory types are supported in a 3x2 configuration. i'd check your manual and the qualified vendor list on the asus website to see if your memory is supported in that way. There is a check in the 'D' column of the compatibility table if the memory is supported in a 3x2 config.
  7. You have to be carefull with the ram voltage because you don't want to burn out the memory controller on the cpu. If a set of ram does not work in the motherboerd you can't make it work by overclocking it or upping the voltage. My opinion is to leave that jumper alone and try other less intrusive options to get a solution.
  8. Having that many problems getting my memory sticks out because so much is rammed in my case i have to strip entire wc system out to get my memory out, Frustrating.

    Can any body surjest a full size case that will fit all my stuff in a decent water cooling set up and still leave a little bit of space to accsses things.
  9. inzone Thanks for your help got to sorting out this memory issue today.

    It appears my last 2 slots are not working on my MB really not happy about this as i think im past my rma period not sure where to go from here any ideas?
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