Need advice on EVGA GTX 580 SC


I would like to buy this card but im worried that my cooling solution is not sufficient. I am only using air cooling.

I have a CM HAF 912 Advance Casing
200mm LED Fan Front (intake)
120mm Fan Back (exhaust)
200mm Fan Top (exhaust)
-all of them are stock fans.

Planning to add a nice fan on the side. Maybe 140mm(intake) to cool off the gtx 580.

I would like the gpu temperature to max out at 75C during gaming.
Do you think this is possible with my setup??

Also another thing, I am choosing a psu for this card. I have narrowed down my choices to corsair tx 950w and corsair hx 750w. Im not planning on doing SLI in the future so which PSU do you think is more reliable of the two.

THanks in advance.
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  1. If you are not planning on SLI in the future I would go with a 580 that has a good dual or triple slot cooling system such as MSI Lightning/TFII, ASUS Direct CU II, Galaxy Accelero. Nothing wrong with EVGA, but the reference cooler isn't that great in comparison. The EVGA shouldn't get hotter than 75c, but you won't have much headroom for overclocking.
  2. Hey!

    Good to know you have the case too!

    I live in the Philippines actually.

    So you are suggesting against the EVGA GTX 580 SC?

    I just found an MSI GTX 580 LIghtning 580 1.5 gb for the same price as the EVGA. I really wanted the twin frozer 3 cooler because of its good reviews.

    DO you think the HAF 912 ADvance can handle the gtx 580 lightning?

    I researched that the twin frozr 3 cooler blows hot air into the case. Should i be concerned about this with my setup?

    Thanks again.
  3. all right. gtx 580 lightning it is.

    i might consider the asus gtx 580 direct cu 2 if the msi lightning is out of stock. I think the dcu2 cooler is still better than evga.
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