Sound problems playing games under Windows 2000

Hope you can help, I've not got a very strange set-up, mainly run of the mill components but I can't seem to get games to run properly under Windows 2000. When playing a game every now and then there will be a loud squawk of white noise, which is both surprising and annoying. Also the sound being played repeats every now and then. I seemed to reduce the amount that it happened when I turned off the EAX support in the game, but it still happens a lot.

My computer specs:
Intel Celeron 500MHz * 2 in an Abit BP6 M/B
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
Asus TNT2 Ultra video card
128 MB Ram
Generic network card
O/S - Windows 2000, directx 8.0 + latest drivers for sound card and graphics card
Game - Baldur's Gate 2, Diablo 2

Cheers for any suggestions.
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  1. This phenomenon is discussed in this article:

    Hope this helps you, it didn't help me though. I've heard it might have to do something with using a dual processor setup. The LiveWare 3 drivers do not support dual processors. Creative recommended turning one processor of (duh), which kind of suck.
    I've also read that using the default drivers bundled with Windows 2000 won't make the sound go corrupt, but then you also lose eax...
    I'm gonna try that now actually so I'll return with the results.

    My computer specs:
    Intel P3 800 * 2 on a MSI 694D Pro
    Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
    Asus TNT2 M64
    512 MB Ram
    O/S - Windows 2000 dx8 and all the latest drivers.
    Game - EverQuest, Diablo 2, Baldur's Gate 2
  2. It worked, it actually worked. I uninstalled those new drivers from creative, removed the .inf files and voila!
    It now works like a charm, sure, no eax but that awful crackling noice is all gone... Maybe when they get LiveWare 4 out =P
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