Fireware Update to turn Radeon card into FirePro card

I have a HD5450 that my boss got to replace my GPU in my workstation. It's not working just yet (that's another thread) but I'm wondering if you can change the BIOS/firmware to the FirePro firmware like you could with a nVidia card. If so, which would be the compatible/comparable FirePro card?
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    Check out the Guru3D forums for the mods.

    I doubt there is a comparable FirePro card to the HD5450 - I would simply be happy using what application accelerators you could get from the mod.

    Around here HD5450s go for $15-$20US, new.
  2. Thanks! I kinda figured as much but thought I'd ask. I think this will only be a temporary solution anyway and that we'll get new workstations in the next year or so.
    Thanks again!
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