BF3 lock up with new card?

Just got an XFX HD 6790 from Newegg to replace my 4870 for BF3. I had been running BF3 on the 4870 for the first week of gameplay, on low settings, but it was still running smooth. Now I've put this new card in, and it runs everything on ultra but after about 10 minutes of gameplay the whole game starts locking up franticly. I've never seen this before, it starts with one sudden lock, and then the game will jolt back and forth between utter lag, and just straight up frozen until it just locks up entirely and I have to alt+tab to access the task manager and terminate the application. I've tried every version of drivers, fiddled with my RAM but that's about it. Any ideas?

XFX HD 6790
AMD Phenom II 965
650W Ultra PSU
3x WD 500GB HDD.

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  1. I think problems like this may have to do with low VRAM. What resolution are you running on?
  2. 1920x1080
  3. Yeah, I think 1GB of VRAM may be the problem because I've heard of people with similar problems that had the same amount of VRAM running ultra at 1080p. The recommended amount of VRAM for BF3 is 1GB, and that's probably for moderate settings. Try running BF3 on high and see if it still happens.
  4. Alright I will, it's just I bought this card specifically because I met a fellow online with the same build as me who's running the game on ultra with 50FPS steady. I'll see if turning the settings down helps.
  5. Please post up after Im curious to know your outcome because I was about to buy the same card for the same game.
  6. Had a friend with the same thoughts about the VRAM, he suggested the same thing and we tried it, even disabled AA entirely and ran all on high, same issue as before.
    I neglected to mention that I'm running this on a 32bit Windows 7 installation. I'm curious if upgrading to a 64bit OS would increase my performance, with optimizing the fourth gigabyte of RAM and all.

    Forgive me for my entire lack of knowledge, it's been a very long time since I've been involved with computers.
  7. That could be an issue as well. I have 6GB of RAM and sometimes when I exit BF3 after a long session I see win7 complain about low performance, so there could potentially be issues with < 6gb.
  8. I think u should upgrade your operating system..because ram can cause this problem..bf3 is very texture rich it requires more that normal amount of ram for decoding GPU usually share your system ram a 64bit OS will definitely help u if u have 4Gb or more ram..
  9. ok, lets disregard everything in this thread for a minute, now just do the simple stress tests (using furmark) for about 25 minutes, if no issues post back or try for say an hour, if there is an issue its most likely a defective card or your psu doesn't have enough juice.

    But try that first then lets worry about the ram/os issues which i HIGHLY doubt is the issue.

    Oh, and to be sure, you did uninstall and install the correct drivers right? (the 4xxx drivers are different the then 6xxx)

    Edit: also make sure to jot down your temps before you exit furmark :)
  10. i don't think the card is defective...but rather the temps are the problem..may be his case isn't ventilated enough because of which the gpu is overheating..but we can't be sure until he runs furmark and tell us the result :p
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