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Hello, I have a AMD Phenom II X4 965, Asus processor on M4A88T-M Motherboard, 2x4 GB Crosair XMS 3 RAM, 700 watt SMPS, Lite-On DVD-RW 1 TB+400 GB Seagate HDD. My computer shuts down unexpectedly giving Blue screen. I performed MEMTEST ON My RAM modules however it shows no error. Its happening frequently and my machine is almost unfunction, please provide some solution or suggestions.
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  1. make sure hpet is enabled in bios and matches your o.s bitrate... 64 for 64bit, 32 for 32bit...
    get blescreen view. this will help you pinpoint the app or extension that crashed.
    post the BSOD 0x0000000 and error text here or google it matching the nomber first then the error code... hopefully the M.S.knowledge base has information and a fix.
  2. May be that youre processor has been overheating, and is now damaged. Have you used the cruddy stock cooler and tried overclocking it? If not, then did you make sure that the fins were clear of dust every few months?
    Another solution may be that the last windows update you got had something bad in it. Try to use an older update, or restor your computer to a date before the last update.
    To test to see if your processor is damaged, try to overclock it just under the point where most people can bring it (with stock voltage) which I believe is about 4.2 for yours. If it will not work at that, then there's a greater likelihood that that's the problem.
  3. Check your temperatures, if they are OK try running the computer in safe mode if it works without problem in safe mode then suspect a driver as being the cause of the problem. It is very unlikely that a faulty CPU is the cause of your problem. If it still does not work in safe mode then suspect your memory even if it has passed the memory tests. Before replacing any components do a clean install of the operating system.
  4. Thank you all for the valuable suggestions... I tried running Memtest and it was showing errors hence i got the RAMs replaced, The problem still persists with the two new RAM modules that i received, My system is now, not starting at all, and going into Hang State while trying to start, I have tried using single module on all the four RAM slots and also tried both the RAMs, it doesn't work . I dont know what to do now. where to look for the problem, whether motherboard or CPU. Already tried a new HDD ???
  5. Which two ram modules? Which EXACT ones are we talking about?
  6. I am talking about the two RAM modules that i got replaced ie Corsair XMS 3 4GB x2 ...
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