Gtx 460 on deus ex

I just upgraded to a new gtx 460 1g gpu and just bought the new deus ex and rage.Both of those games are running 60fps+ so i enable vsync but sometimes when i am in city area it stutters and the fps go like 59 - 62fps and stutters again.It does the same with rage.Is it my screen because my lcd broke and currently using and old CRT.Both of the games runs on MAX setting and res of 1280x 1024.Should I get a 22 inch monitor to run it on 1920 x 1080 or must i tweak the games somehow.Please help
PC Specs
CPU:Amd athlon x 4 635@3ghz
Ram:4 gigs
GPU:GTX 460 1G cyclone.
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

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  1. not sure with your screen but i doubt on your cpu.
  2. i'm pretty certain that playing on small resolutions can have a effect on fps, but it is a know issue on dues ex regarding the stuttering and they have admitted there is few problems regarding this.
    check steam forums plenty of others having this problem also.
  3. Thanks i found the solution.Disabled vsync and used triple buffering and now the games runs smooth at 63fps average
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