Ati Grahics Card Not Found In Divice Manager


After My Ati Radeon 4780 X2 Would No Work My Friend Gave Me A Test Card A Kind Of Controll We Know This Works So I Plugs It In Screws I In Swiches My Pc On Get My POST Beep No Signal From The Card So I Poped The Vga Cable In My On Board And It Worked I Checked My Divice Manager And All That Shows Up Is Nvida GeForce 7025/NForce 630a (My On Board Graphics) No Ati Card So I Made Sure It wAS 100% In So I Went In To My BIOS Advanced - Chipset - South Bridge - Primary Graphics Adapter Set By Defalt As PCI-E - PCI - IGP My Board Is An Asus M2N68-AM PLUS Witc I Beilve Has A X16 Pci-E Slot Is My Pci-e Slot Broken?
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  1. That was painful to read, many spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, no periods or comma's whatsoever and you start each word with a capitol letter........?

    I'm going to assume you mean 4870 X2, not 4780 X2.

    My first question is did you plug in both PCI-E power cables from the psu to the video card? Also you'll need a minimum 650w psu to run that card (with TWO PCI-E power cables)
  2. Yes I Did And I Worked At My Mates Perfectly And What Im Trying To Find Out I If I Need A New MoherBoard Or Not
  3. What power supply do you have?
  4. 700W CIC
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