Toshiba SSD + WD Caviar Green for Steam games?

Hey All,

I just finished building my new PC that I plan on using mostly for gaming, storing my MP3s and streaming movies/TV to shows my PS3 using PS3 media server. Everything was working great until today when the Seagate 1TB 7200RPM HDD I reused from my previous rig died. I was using it for storage since I have a 120GB Toshiba SSD as my boot drive.

I currently have my OS and Steam client on the SSD. I just purchased a WD Caviar Green HDD without doing much research first like a dummy. The box isn't open yet, so I want to ask if this "Green" HDD will be suitable for my purposes - or should I exchange it for a Blue? Blacks seem to be too "performance" based and I'm not sure I need the best HDD out there. Advice??

I'm focusing on WD drives since the local MicroCenter has some sales going on and I don't love the fact my 1TB Seagate died after 3 years. Other suggestions are welcome.

i5 3570k w/ Evo 212
Asrock Pro4 Mobo
600W Corsair PSU
HIS 7850 2GB card
DVD Drive
120GB Toshiba SSD

EDIT: Game load times aren't a big issue for me.
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  1. The green series spins at a 5400 rpm the blue series spins at 7200 rpm thus a faster transfer speed, green is a low power hard drive.
  2. Thanks knightdog56 - I did read about that, but I'm not sure if the lower transfer speeds affect gameplay or media streaming?
  3. WD green drives are used for storage, I would opt for blue series for game storage. I have one Samsung 840 ssd for OS and three blue WD 500 Gb for games and music no problems yet I have been running the WD blue for a couple of years the I just installed the Samsung a couple of months ago, wow what a difference in performance.
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