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Hey all

I have an Alienware Aurora r2 that i got when i was in school. I have upgraded everything but the processor mainly because of the MB (stock: Dell RV30W). I am upgrading to the ASUS P8Z77-V with an Intel Core i5-3570K (intro to OCing for myself). I was curious if the stock water cooling that comes with the system will be able to not only fit on the new MB, but will it be able to keep the i5 cool? I would assume so, but i figured that i would ask.

I don't have a model num for the liquid cooling, it's simply listed as Alienware high-performance liquid cooling.

Here's some links to aid :)

AW r2 Splash page (specs at bottom) -
i5 -

Let me know if yall need anything else, thanks in advance!
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    with the cooler you have to contact dell ask who made the cooler the x58 chip is 1333 pin out. the newer i5 are 1155. if you look at the intel coolers there two size locking back plates for these chipsets.
    if you look at that bracket you can see the 3 screw sizes in the tray. if you have that type of bracket then your good. the back plate and cooler itself is the same size on all the kits. all need is a tube of thermal paste. the newer i5 run cooler then the older intel cpu...
  2. Here's a picture of the bracket.

    As it seems it's just a screw that goes into a plastic plate on the back side of the MB. As long as the screw mounts are in the same spot i assume i can just go right back into them. Does that make sense? I'm on the phone with AW customer service now trying to get the cooler model and such.

    I can completely remove it if that doesn't make sense. As i look in i can tell that this MB switch will be difficult, they have everything so specifically fastened in.... oh wells
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  4. Hi there, just wondering if you manged this upgrade? i recently bought the exact same parts as you and when i fitted it all up i found that the connector for the power button and LED lighting wasnt on the new motherboard... how did you get round this? thanks.
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