Would these programs go on my SSD which has my OS, or on my HDD?

Where do you put your Antivirus and firewall on your SSD that has your OS on it (that's my guess), on your HDD, or both?

Where would you put something like benchmarking or overclocking programs (like Trixx from Sapphire for OC'ing your GPU or CPUz or whatever that program is called)? Also, what program is used for checking your temps and where would you want to install that?
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  1. I'm not familiar with SSDs, infact I just used my first one a few days ago. I'm just putting my OS, apps like core temp, word, games, ect on my SSD and video files on my hdd. My SSD is 90gb so I'll pick and choose at some point when it comes to games as to which ones to have there. There are people that suggest that things like swap file whatever that is, and system restore can harm the drive. I heard it's best to check with your specific kind of SSD manufacturer as to what to watch out for since there seems to be a lot of back and fourth on SSD issues.

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