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Currently assembling computer, question about 2 cables

Okay, so coming out of my Corsair Carbide 400r, I have a cable that has "1394" on it.
I can't find where to plug it into my AsRock Extreme3 z68 motherboard, does anyone know where it plugs into?

Also, my Case has two USB3 slots on the front top, however the cable for that doesn't have a place to plug into my motherboard, even though it says it supports USB3.
So, my guess is it doesn't have the right connector on the board itself, however, it does have 2 USB3 connectors coming out the back of the MB...
Does an adaptor exist that I could plug into those two USB3 ports in the back and turn it into a USB3 header that my Case connector for the two front USB3's could fit into?

Thanks for any help.
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    It appears your mobo does not have a built-in IEEE 1394a (aka Firewire 400) port, so there is no place to plug in that cable. Your simply can't use a non-existent port.
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