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I have a biostar TA870U3+ socket AM3 I was looking at AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz socket AM3+. My question will the AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz be compatible with my motherboard ??? I am currently running an AMD 1090T
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  1. According to wikipedia:
    ''Some manufacturers have brought AM3+ support to some of their AM3 motherboards via a simple BIOS upgrade.[11] Mechanical compatibility has been confirmed and it's possible for AM3+ CPUs to fit in AM3 boards, provided they can supply enough peak current. Another issue is the use of the sideband temperature sensor interface for reading the temperature from the CPU. Therefore, some CPU PWM fan pins may only run at full speed. Also, certain power-saving features may not work, due to lack of support for rapid VCore switching.[12] Note that use of AM3+ CPUs in AM3 boards is not officially supported by AMD.''
  2. No. You need an AM3+ motherboard for an AMD FX CPU.
  3. No they are different sockets.
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    All you had to do was put your motherboard into google and first page to come up is Biostars website with motherboard information.

    Most AM3 boards can't support AM3+ processors, and this confirms that yours doesn't.

    With a 1090T there is no reason to even purchase an 8120 any ways, it's not an upgrade except in very few applications because it's not a true 8 core and relies on higher clock speeds to match Phenom II performance.

    Benchmarks if you haven't seen any yet.

    Note I linked to the applications, if you look at the games FX looses horribly to Phenom II, not sure what you use your computer for.
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