Artifacting after upgrading to windows 7 on RadeonHD5670

So basically, I upgraded to windows 7 from windows XPa few days ago, since then randomly after a period of time games start artifcating.

I can speed up the process of it artifcating by doing lots of things at once with the game open and just tabbing arround, then going back to the game. Everything was fine on XP.. I just dont understand really. I have the latest ATI drivers the 11.10.

Sometimes games like SC2 will just artifact straight of the bat when I launch. WoW / SC2 / LoL have all been sometimes randomly doing it. Team Fortress 2 however hasnt, nor has BF3, I get some issues when trying to launch BF3, and sometimes if when i just join a game i start trying to change options it will crash and give me the "Display drivers failed..." windows notification. But once I am in BF3 thats it, im in, iand it works fine, no problems. No artifacting, not flickering.

I am 900% sure its not overheating, in CCC, i haev enabled the overdrive and forced the fan to 100%, and getting like 50degrees in game.

Everything worked fine befor this though. Under XP everything worked, no gltiches super load times etc. So the only things that have changed are XP->windows7. And graphics drivers, beucase I cant remember which version of the catalyst drivers I was using befor as I never updated them from install. And again no problems.

Computer specs:

Processor: intel i3 530 @2.93GHz -> Overclocked (191fsb x 22) 3.65gz
Memory:4gig corsair xms3 1333mhz
graphics card: radeon HD 5670 1gig
powersupply: Corsair tx 650W

Help please :( x
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  1. Oh and its Windows 7 64bit, and befor I was using XP 32bit. Just incase thats needed info.
  2. Sorry I should probably desribe how its artifacting, erm... basically stuff flashes white, for a ms. Its not necissarily the same place that will flash either, just goes arround the screen like christmas lights. Just random bits of terrain flickering I guess + UI elements will too. Sometimes the whole screen will blink white.

    Appears to be a grace period after a fresh boot befor it begins. but ye meh :(

  3. SC2 Seems to be the worst case, heres some screenshots of what can happen if i start tabbing out of game and back in and such.

    These effects only flash on and off randomly, I havnt been able to get any screenshots from other games due to the nature, but SC2 seems to do it the most, so it was easier. But my game isn't permanantly like that. The last image is a result of tabbing out and tabbing back in, and it goes away if i tab out and back in again.

    I know i can probably prevent all of this if i stop tabbing, but. There is still a problem there and i'd rather fix it than nurse it.
  4. bump :/

    ^ This is what it does to wow, bearing in mind took me atleast 15mins of printscreening to actually capture a random flicker of artifacting :/

    need help :(
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