How do I setup 2 wireless APs with 2 Cable Modems

Can I configure a network to support 2 cable modems each feeding into its own router (wireless AP)? My problem is that the house/office are 2 separate buildings and I need good internet access in each and would like to share a network. Wireless cannot reach with the bandwidth wanted. My solution as I am thinking is for each building to have its own Cable modem with a wireless AP connected. I would want to be able to setup for roaming and have a common SSID. How can I make this work when the networks are not physically connected?

BTW - I tried using MoCA as a bridge but my Cable is not good (splitters etc) and the MoCA degrades the line so much the cable modem drops connection. Also Powerline bridging not good as different power networks.
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  1. There's no issue in having multiple routers, each w/ its own modem. And supporting roaming by having each use the same SSID and wireless security configuration. The problem comes if you expect to have access ACROSS the two networks. Because that's what you have; two completely independent networks. It doesn’t matter from an Internet perspective since the Internet is foreign to both. But if you want transparent access across the two INTERNAL networks, now you have a problem.

    One solution would be to configure a server-to-server VPN between them. Of course, this would be across the Internet, so performance would only be as good as your Internet connection. Personally I’d option for LogMeIn Hamachi (in a gateway configuration) due to its ease of use and relative transparency.

    It seems to me that unless you’re prepared to run wiring between the buildings ($$$?), and wireless and powerline are not viable, a VPN solution is you’re only real option. IOW, at the point you can’t make a local connection, it doesn’t matter if the other guy is 300 ft or 300 miles anyway, you have only one solution.
  2. The only reason I would want to connect the 2 networks is to be able to share resources such as network printer. No application/data transfers expected. So, doing a wirless connection between the 2 networks would be OK if a wireless bridge can be worked into the configuration. My main concern that I am trying to adress is very good internet access in each building/site with roaming available so that connections are transparent to users
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