CM Elite 430 Case Airflow?

Hello everybody :) Since this is my favorite forum to ask questions I Need your help :)

OK so basically I have this dilemma. You See I have Cooler Master Elite 430 Case and It's an amazing case but I'm not sure where to put my fans and how many I need for the best Air Pressure. For instance I am going the use the Hyper 212 plus with the stock fan that came on it and a Arctic Cooling 120 AF12PWM Fan for a push/Pull configuration. So that's the cooler. Now the case fans are a Cooler Master R4 Series Silent 140mm LED Case Fan R4-L4S-10AB-GP (Blue), [Front Intake fan]
Cooler Master Fan that came with the case (Blue LED) [Side Intake Fan].
Scythe SY1212SL12L 120mm Case Fan it goes above the ram because the RAM is too big for a regular fan to fit above.[Top Right fan] COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP 120mm Blue LED Case Fan. [Back Case Fan].
All these good fans then I have a Rosewill RCA-1024BK [Bottom Fan] and another Rosewill RCA-1024BK. [Top Left Fan].

So that's the entire fan configuration of my PC But I was wondering if most of those fans do anything??? The cooler blocks the top left fan off completely is that fan needed? Also There is a total of 10 Fans IN my PC... GPU Fan, 2x CPU Fan, 6x Case fan, 1 PSU Fan. Is that too many fans? My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX IT IS LOUD!!!!!! Currently looking at getting a Radeon hd 5770 or 6770. All of this is powered my a Corsair CX430. This is supposed to be a Silent PC!!!! Every fan is good except the rosewill ones they suck. So is my fan configuration bad? DO I need all 8 fans inside PC? Al of them are 120mm. Also which is better for my PSU Radeon HD 5770 or Radeon HD 6770. Both of them have QUIET fans :) which is what I like. I bought some fan resistors 12v-7v to slow down the rosewill fans so they won't be so noisy!!!!. SO that's about it tell me if I need better fans what configuration I should do if the one I have is bad? SO thanx everybody and have a nice day.

And the PSU is very quiet I barely notice it. I don't want to have to upgrade :(

The case support 6 fan slots all 120mm one is 140mm. Mounting 2 on CPU cooler. Will this configuration be particularly loud? I already bought everything.

DO I need to max out all fan slots for good temps???
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  1. These two articles should answer your questions,3058.html,3053.html
    (I have always gotten away with 2 x good fans one as intake in the front and another one exhaust in the back)
  2. Ok so according to those articles here is how my system is set up. I have my top right fan blowing exhaust up form my ram so cools the RAM. My Cpu Cooler Will take hot air from ram also vent it through heatsink fins and out the other fan on the side and that will direct air out the Rear exhaust fan. :) Also a plus. Then on my top left I have another fan that does a small job in removing left over heat from the heatsink on the way out of the case. I havea 140mm Intake that blows on hard drive and Goes up as it hits the GPU which takes it to my inner cooling system. I have a bottom mounted fan which blows air up onto the GPU as well for anj added cooling. Meanwhile the GPU fan is blowing down SO as it expells the air my two fans take air to the top level of cooling. On the side I have a 120mm fan also that mainly just blows air onto the GPU lol. And PSU is Faced downwards with a dust filter and expells hot air through the back of PSU. I think my airflow will work out nicely.
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