Some problems with a new build

hi ,
i have some little problem in here with my new system
i would appreciate any help
just before i speak about the problems
my spec :
1- cpu = i5-2500k , with stock cooler (for the time being only)
2- ram = g.skill 1600 Hz , 1.5v , 2 x 4 gb
3- mobo = asus P8Z67 V pro
4- Vga = MSI N460
5- psu = hunt key 500 watts

1- i have IDE HDD and i wanna use it as a boot drive in SATA only motherboard , i got a IDE-to-SATA bridge but never succeeded to make the HDD recognizable !!!
maybe my installation is wrong , i don't know , it doesn't come with a manual
the bridge simply is :
2 sata ports , 2 pins power connectors , the other side is IDE port
is there anything extra ordinary to be done here except connecting everything in place ?
my mobo can't recognize the drive at all ....


2- i tried the performance mode in the BIOS (just for the sake of curiosity) , the temperature spiked to 80 c and the motherboard was beeeebing ...all what i was using is the BIOS only , and as i see the speed went from 3.3 to 3.4 only ! ,,,, i have 2 x 120 mm fans , and 2 x 80mm fans ....all of them are working , and yes the stock cooler fan (CPU FAN) is working too and the cooler is in place ... is this normal for the new sandy bridge ?
btw : my Idle temperature also in BIOS was 50 c !!!

3- last but not least , what good arrangement do you suggest for a good ventilation for my case "setto ii 142"
i have :
4 fans (2x120mm , 2x80mm)
other components with fans :
PSU : 120 mm
VGA : 2 x 80 mm
cooler : zalman CNPS X10 Extreme (to be installed once arrive)

thanks in advance :)
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    The drive may not work at all. IDE drives are easy to make work as data drives than as boot drives most of the time in today's motherboards.

    That being said, you might want to check the jumpers. It might help to change those to master or cable select instead of what they are on now.

    I would avoid performance mode if you don't have an aftermarket fan.

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