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Techs! :hello:

I am wondering about something I have seen a couple of times already among CPU Coolers. In this CPU cooler for instance: Hyper TX3

In the CPU socket compatibility, they have 1156 (which is good for Core i3, i5, i7 etc.)

In their CPU support list, they do not mention the Core i7.

Does it really get into that level of detail where they support LGA1156 socket type but not if it is Core i7 or would this cooler still support the Core i7 LGA1156 socket type?
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  1. It would still technically fit on an I7, they probably don't list it as supported because I7's have higher power draw and run hotter, and the TX3 isn't that great of a cooler. I own one, it's not much better than AMD's stock heat sink except that it's quiet in comparison, the Hyper 212+ is a much better cooler.
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