Graphic card help please

these are my specs for my computer I know it's a gateway and it sucks lol but I will be building a new one soon but not now.I'm looking for a good card for gaming a friend of mine told me to get the 550 gtx here's the link but I don't know how that works with a pci express 16 slot when it's a 2.0.

He also told me to take out the 2 512 sticks of memory and get 2 1 gigs sticks so I have 4 gigs

here's the spec's

I replaced the power supply with a 500 watt cool master

I am using 8600 gt oc graphic card right now.

Can someone help me find a good gaming card priced between 100.00 and 200.00 thanks

I play counter strike source,battle field bad company 2 want to get battlefield 3,I also play team fortress 2,all call of duties,l4d1&2

Thanks in advance!!!!
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  1. Tom's Hardware does a monthly article called "Best Graphics for the Money" where they identify the top contenders in each price range. Recommend you start there, then look on sites like to find something with a great rebate (or just a low sale price) and go with that.
  2. Thanks I understand what you mean but I know nothing about graphic cards there's so many of them so I would like to get the best one with how much I want to spend that's why I need help finding one.

    I would like to stay with nvidia I have a 8600 gt oc so I want to upgrade to play the games that I play also for more frame rates and performance

    Thanks again
  3. What you need for that pricerange is either the ATI Radeon 6870 or the GeForce GTX 560 (non-Ti, its within your budget more of the time). With either of those cards you will be able to dominate most games on the market according to your system specs, save for really really high end games (Cyrsis/BF3/Metro 2033), yet you will still even be able to run these on respectable graphics.

    Also, if you are replacing the RAM, be sure that the RAM is the EXACT SAME SPEED AS THE OLD RAM. If it is not the same speed, it will encounter issues and run slower.
  4. Thanks for the reply I'll check those 2 out.They are backwards compatible with my pci express slot right?

    And if I were to build a gaming computer this card would be good for upcoming games? otherwise I would spend a little more or could just get another for sli.And I would spend a little more for this machine on a card if there is one not to far off my price range.
    wich would you prefer to get i found 3

    And if you prefer me to get ati can you find a link for a good card

  5. The ATi would be cheaper than the GTX 560 most of the time, yet they are about the same in performance. Most cards are backwards compatible, but I'll have to check to make sure. If you build a gaming computer in the future you would be able to use either card, it will most likely last you 2-4 years depending on the games you play. And when the time comes that your graphics are not holding up, you can Crossfire or SLI the cards.

    I would not get anything from BestBuy, their prices are usually higher than anywhere else, since they do not sell alot of graphics cards. The ASUS one will do you good if you were to overclock, yet if you just want a card, the 3rd one will do nicely.

    Here are some graphics cards from the other side of the marketplace

    Also, make sure you have an adequate power supply to power the cards. The 500W CM should be enough. Some cards recommend 500W, other recommend more.

    So there you go.
  6. Thanks
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