URGENT- BIOS Help? Can't boot windows 7!

Okay, so I just finished putting together my new machine. Specs

i5 3570k cpu Set to OC @ 4.0ghz
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard
Seagate 7200 RPM 1 TB HDD
8 GB 1333mhz set to overclock to 1600mhz RAM
500w PSU

Okay, booted on, got into BIOS and messed around in the functions of everthing, only changing the OC of my CPU to a 4.0ghz and my ram to a 1600mhz overclock, not changing anything else. After that, I hit save and quit. Then I get 3 options, the first is some random numbers, second is DVD then some random numbers, and third is another DVD and some random numbers. It says which do you want to boot to?

So, my question is how do I use the copy of windows 7 on my HDD to boot my computer, and then install my drivers? Which option should I click? Or do I have to do something else?

Please answer, I need help! My other computer is sitting over there all helpless!
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  1. What do mean by copy of windows 7 on your hard drive?
  2. I have one Hard Drive. It has my OS, steam, school asignments, and my complete collection of star trek in blue ray. I want to use the OS from that HDD to run my system, in other words to have this machine run like my old machine, exept with a new CPU and motherboard, which are the only parts ive changed.
  3. First, don't OC a system until you actually have it running.

    What version of windows is it? It is an OEM version or a full version? OEM versions aren't allowed to transfer to a new system, even it that's just a new MB. It will probably deactivate.

    Sometimes replacing a motherboard will work fine, sometimes not. What system was it coming from? Trying to boot an existing Windows from say an AMD system with an Nvidia chipset to an modern Intel chip with an intel chipset won't go well. If it's similar chipset, it may work.
  4. its coming from and amd nvidia to intel nvidia. The windows that i had was brand new.
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    EricPCNoob said:
    its coming from and amd nvidia to intel nvidia. The windows that i had was brand new.

    This is not helpful...
    We need to know if the your Windows was OEM or Retail

    First like getochkn said, you should't try overclocking before you have the system running up properly
    So reset the bios settings to default.
    Change the boot order so that your hdd which has the OS installed is listed first.

    Note that it's still likely you will need to re-install Windows since you changed the mobo + cpu
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