Problems with my mobo GA-78LMT-USB3 and Corsair Vengeance


Recently i have upgraded my PC so here are the specs,

1) AMD FX6100
2) Gigabyte GA - 78LMT-USB3
3) Corsair Vengeance 1x8gb with heatsink
4) Seagate HDD 1TB
5) Intex 450w PS

I was able to install windows 7 and starting it was working like a charm and later on the next day i noticed that i am getting a blank display no beep sound and not even motherboard logo with PS is supplied

I tried removing the RAM and insert it again it was working fine as usual but lags if anything is loaded and mouse stops responding and if i shutdown the system i am facing the same problem again.

Everytime i can't keepon changing the RAM slots .

As my friends say that i should have bought 2x4GB instead of putting single stick 8GB memory. Do you think my RAM is not compatible with this mobo.

After investing so much on this i am not able to make use of it properly.

Please advice on this how do i proceed further.

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  1. It's possible or your ram is defective ??

    To see if it's compatible (or for a new ram kit) make sure to always check the QVL (qualified vendor list) of the manufacturer to see if your ram is actually certified to work...
  2. Is it because the RAM which i bought is having memory standard of 1600Mhz but my mobo memory frequency supported is 1333 + (O.C)
  3. make sure your running the f4 bios. use cpu-z read the spd info of your ram. go into the bios and set the ram speed up to 1333 by hand. 1600 speed is on intel mb using xmp profile. amd mb dont have intel xmp profile. check that the ram you have is 1.5v or more. a lot of the older mb have issue with low power ram sticks. use a hirem boot cd boot from it run an anti virus scan and hd tune and hard drive test. I seen failing drives slowly lock up system before. you can also on hirem boot cd run memtest86 to see if your mb having issue with the ram. the other issue could be that cheap power supply with the new ram and cpu not holding and the system is locking up. also try another ps to see if the issue stop.
  4. Thanks Smorizio for the reply,

    firstly i would be trying with the Lates bios F4. Earlier i was using F2 version hope this will resolve my problem, if not i will try with the change of power supply and also change of RAM with prior to this i need to change the settings of the ram speed up to 1333.
  5. my doubt is mobo supports 1333 o.c so will 1600 ram will automatically downgrade itself to 1333 or lower than that..??

    These things need to be set manually??
  6. sometimes they do. depends on the mb and how well it read the ram spd info.
  7. if you have four memories in slots, try only two.
  8. Issue resolved i got a replacement for Gigabyte and took ASUS M5a97 R2.0

    Goodbye to Gigabyte, Asus is performing far better than my previous mobo. Asus Rocks.
  9. it's not the ram it's the power if you don't have 500w or more it will cause some problems
  10. The motherboard you are using it needs minimum 500W power supply.
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