Graphics Card for Laptop?(for gaming)

I want to know if possible if i can upgrade to a graphics card which will improve the gaming quality

(more info cuz that up there is just too vague)
my laptop is a toshiba c660/c660d and i would like to know if theres any graphics cards out there that can possibly fot in my liaptop and world work

are there any nvidia ones or other brands, helllp! XD
originally this laptop wasn't even for gaming and the card is called Intel(R) HD graphics which is great for videos but not games as i have discovered, now dont get me wrong the games that i have such as batman arkham asylum and l4d2 still run, but they lag and jitter in places and its kinda bothersome and theres a few other games i wanna get in the future but know for a fact they wont run good

so could anyone suggest a card if its at all possible, thanx :)

p.s preferably in the price ange up to 100 quid but thats just a preference not a requirement :)
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  1. The Toshiba Satelitte C660/C660D has an HD6310 graphics processing unit, which is not replaceable.
  2. You're right Intel HD graphics isn't good for gaming, its an integrated graphics card. In other words, you don't have a graphics card. Meaning that your graphics is being done from your CPU.

    Unfortunately, with a laptop you don't have the option to easily upgrade you GPU. You're stuck with what you have. If you really need better quality gaming, you'll need an entirely new machine.
  3. How comfortable are you with stripping down your laptop and doing some soldering maybe?
  4. sincerelly, no. Its not possible.

    Besides, a laptop is not meant for gaming, take into consideration that gaming videocards are bigger than some laptops, not to mention their small screens.
  5. Sorry but your laptop doesn't support graphics cards.

    You would need a completely new laptop. And gaming laptops aren't exactly cheap.

    Even if it was possible to put in a mobile GPU into your laptop - i highly doubt your laptop /AC power adapter would be able to handle the extra power requirements.

    I would suggest starting a new thread if your planning on getting a new gaming laptop/desktop/whatever. If you do - please read the stickies in forums asking questions like - your budget/requirements/etc.
  6. Okay thanx everyone i just needed to know
    woulda been nice if it could be upgraded but hey don't matter this laptop was a gift so its no harm done :D
    thanx again :D
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