Bran new homebuilt computer freezes minutes after loading

I built a new computer last night from the following parts:
Asus M5A99x evo motherboard
2x4gb corsair vengence ddr3 1600 memory
Amd fx 8 core 3.1 processor
Ocz 750w psu
HIS radeon hd 6950 video card

Whenever i boot the computer and log in, within minutes the computer freezez and becomes totally unresponsive, i cant move the mouse, the screen freezez and i cant ctrl+alt+delete or anything, forcing me to hold the power button to turn the computer off.

I ran it in safe mode with networking and had no problem whatsoever, but as soon as i went back to regular windows it froze again.

This is my first ever computer built, and i really want to get it working for me as soon as possible. I can provide any additional info to help out, and any help at all would be more than appreciated
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  1. Sounds like a driver problem. What kind of hdd/sdd do you use?
  2. Download CPUID and check your internal temperatures as well. It could be a cooling problem as well.
  3. Im using a seagate barracuda, 1tb 7200rpm hdd

    And its not an overheating problem, my temps are nice and chilly

    Also, i just reloaded windows, redownloaded all my drivers, and set my tam frequency to 1600, where it should be. It seemed to ru fine for around an hour, until it froze in the middle of downloading SWtOR.
  4. Try underclocking your RAM down to like 1066 or something instead of bringing it up to 1600.
  5. with it working in safe mode, it doesn't sound like a hardware issue
  6. After a complete reset and reload, it still is having troubles in tegular mode, but runs fine in safe mode.
    This is a pretty peculiar problem, all the drivers were directly downloaded from the manufacturers website and downloaded through a usb drive, and on my second load i used the driver discs that came with the mb
  7. If it helps, i also noticed that prior to freezing, the mouse begins to lag and then the freeze occures a few seconds later
  8. JackNaylorPE said:
    with it working in safe mode, it doesn't sound like a hardware issue

    I agree with you to a large extent, but an intermittent problem not occurring during a test isn't proof that it won't occur outside of a test.

    OP - Try running a surface scan.

    Double click on my computer
    Right click on C
    Error Checking
    Check Now
    Check the box to scan for and try to recover bad sectors
    Restart the PC
    Don't hit a button when it asks you to hit a button to skip this

    The top causes of BSODs are
    1) RAM
    2) Bad Hard Drives
    3) Bad Drivers
    4) Heat

    If the operating in safe mode and the reinstalling windows and redoing all the drivers and all that ruled out drivers, then you can try to check for hard drives with the above and to check the RAM with Memtest86.
  9. A friend of mine also brought it to my attention that it could be an outdate bios version.., but cant updating the bios wrong ruin your mobo?
  10. Yes, the BIOS is a very touchy thing. If you update it with the BIOS file from a different motherboard then there is a chance you can never get so far as to change it again. If you lose power during the BIOS update then the motherboard is guaranteed to morph itself into a paperweight.

    However, if you do everything correctly, then the process goes smoothly and everything is fine.

    Even people like me are a little bit intimidated with BIOS updates and I have updated the BIOS on hundreds of computers in the past. There is always that fear that one wrong move or a catastrophic event and its all over. New motherboard INC"

    But I don't have all kinds of money to buy new motherboards over and over, others who has more money may not be so intimidated by it.

    You can limit the risk of a catastrophic power loss by putting an UPS into the wall, and a surge protector into the UPS, and the computer in the surge protector.

    That will at least protect from complete power loss.

    However you are still, believe it or not, not protected from a power surge after all that. AFAIK, most surge protectors opt to shut themselves down rather than allowing a power surge through themselves, so if the wall sent a surge into the UPS and some of it made it out the other side, the surge protector might shut down during the BIOS update and that is all she wrote.

    That also won't help you from updating with the wrong BIOS version either.

    Anyway, I think that the BIOS is only a problem sometimes and only if you are trying to use a technology newer than the BIOS date. If your BIOS is from 2005 and you are trying to use an SSD, then that is the sort of situation where you might experience problems.

    If it is a BIOS issue, the computer would probably still crash in safe mode.

    The hierarchy goes like this
    BIOS/firmware <---- Messed up BIOS works here
    Drivers <-------------- Safe mode works here

    Safe Mode will turn off or scale back a lot of things like video drivers and sound drivers if you don't absolutely need them, which definitely does increase stability. If it can't be crashed in safe mode then drivers are much more likely to be the cause of the problem.

    That being said, I have told others before that if you try to crash a computer in safe mode and fail, that doesn't mean it is a driver problem. It could be that if you just tried longer you would be successful and its still a hardware problem.

    Anyway, troubleshooting is a series of steps that you take that hopefully brings you closer and closer to a correct diagnosis with every step.
  11. The only thing making me think it is the bios is the unusual problem and lack of other solutions... Rather than actually blue screening, which would be more indicitive of a hardware problem, it simply freezes completely and becomes totally unresponsive yet stays on the current screen.

    Also with a fresh install of windows prior to reinstalling the drivers the computer actually works fine, no stabillity or freezing issues even after 8+ hours of activity.
    Its a tricky little issue, and the lack of hardware issues has pointed me to the bios not working with the new drivers.

    And by the way, thank you so much for your help so far!
  12. Did you do the things I asked?

    The surface scan?

    Run Memtest86 overnight?

    Underclock the RAM?
  13. The ram underclock didnt help, an the disk check showed no issues, and memtest is being run tonight, ill check it when i get back from class around 4

    Thanks for the patience
  14. No memory problems... Im gonna go ahead and update the bios..

    What bios updater should i use? Am i supposed to only use the asus one?
  15. Yea, my asus board came with a bios updater program. Works like a charm.
  16. Im just worried about flashing from windows... Ive heard horrir stories about this..
  17. Most asus boards will allow you to update the bios by usb stick through the bios menu, I wouldn't do it from windows if you're having freezing problems.
  18. Ok, ive got a pretty new board, its the m5990x evo
  19. Bios update and driver reinstall didnt solve the problem... Im stumped
  20. Do some malware checks with SpyBot Search and Destroy and the free Malware Bytes scanner and see if they turn up anything unusual.

    - Edit - Also, open the task manager and watch the processor usage when this happens to see if there is anything unusual going on.
  21. Malware checks showed nothing and the cpu rarely went over 10% usage
  22. Maybe you can just go around disabling things in the hardware manager one at a time and see if the computer stops freezing with one of them installed.

    What non-standard devices are connected to the computer? Things like microphones and webcams.
  23. I underclocked the cpu, and that fixed it
    It is running hot under load though, it got up to 65C which seems pretty high, under max load
  24. The FX-8150 is one of the hottest processors around, that's true.
  25. It actually froze last night because it overheated after an hour. I might use the warranty to get another
  26. Turns out the freeze wasnt processor overheating this time, it was at 42c when it froze
  27. What thing are you using to measure your temperatures? HWMonitor like I suggested? Or something else?
  28. im using core temp
  29. Try a 2nd program, its possible Core Temp isn't reading the right memory addresses or something.

    Did you do like I asked earlier and attempt to disable devices one at a time and test for stability?
  30. I have no nonstandard devices attached to the computer and ive downloaded nothing but windows 7 and drivers.
    No operations are going on in the backround while the computrer is running.

    Im gonna download another Temp checker and see if that is it. The cpu undervolt did help, and im thinking ive got a defective cpu, so i might try and RMA it and get a new one.
  31. SpeedFan says my cpu is idleing at around 38c

    im going to go to newegg and get an RMA and try and replace the processor
  32. How are your GPU temperatures? If you get a new processor and it still happens, I would look at either the HDD or the motherboard being the culprit.

    Raiddinn, motherboards can have issues in the resulting in a system freezing, right? If not, then disregard the whole motherboard part ><;
  33. It could be the motherboard, yes.

    I am kinda stuck on a bad driver upgrade for some device atm, though.

    I think it it were me, my next step would be to again get rid of the Windows install and this time just don't download new drivers all at once. Maybe like one every 3 or 4 days. If it is a bad driver upgrade that would show it pretty easily.

    Most of the time it is pretty easy to get by on old drivers so it doesn't cause too much negative impact to do this usually.

    Disabling things one at a time in the hardware monitor would do the same thing if there were any useless things that could be disabled, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
  34. Undervolting the cpu helped though, which makes me think its just a lemon cpu. Ill have newegg replace it asap
  35. Yeah, I typically never download all the updates/drivers in one go after a reinstallation. Window's tends to mess it up if you try to do it all at once.

    However, Wmharris, if you undervolt it could be the CPU, but it can still be the MB. So RMA that processor and get back to us if it works.
  36. Ok, will do.

    Im missing a few pieces of The original boxing, so im gonna call in newegg tommarow and explain. They should let me rma it still since its defective, right?
  37. Depends, but if newegg won't then I don't see why AMD wouldn't pick up that slack and RMA it through them.
  38. As of right now, amd wont rma it for another month, saying the 50c temp needs to be looked into as caused by the cpu... Great customer service...

    I undervolted everything even further, and it seems to kinda work now.. Temps are still higher than what id like, and it cools very slowly
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