ASUS U3S6 Pci-e x4 on p5q deluxe ?

I haven't seen P5Q deluxe mobo on compability list but is it possible to use U3S6 sata 3.0 usb3.0 card on this ? If it is, is it bootable ? I mean, can i install an OS on the sata 3.0 SSD using that port ?

One more question, I have asus 8800gt gfx card and in mobo's manual, if I use more than 1 pci-e x16 slot, they will become and be used as x8. If I plug U3S6 x4 on x16 socket, Will it decrease performance of 8800gt ?
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    I had the same dilema myself a while back. I didn't bither with the card or a mobo upgrade, as the guys here suggested. The SSD is on a SATA2 port and works just fine. Its performance is far better than the mechanical drive I used to have and I quickly forgot about installing the SATA3 card or upgrading mobo.
    If you have or plan on getting an SSD you could always install on the SATA2 port and see how well it runs. If you're happy with it all is well, if not, try a card later.
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