gtx 560ti not functioning in new build

my new build wouldn't recognize the discrete gpu, so i was going to try it in the other slot. upon taking it out, i noticed this on the pci-e interface -

is that pin(?) supposed to be shorter than all the others? :cry:

it's an msi twin frozr ii 560ti oc, if that makes any difference


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  1. No I'm pretty sure that is normal
  2. What "pin" are you referring to?

    If your talking about the PCI-E connector it's supposed to be like that.If you look at the PCI-E slot on the motherboard it matches.
  3. thank you!

    (sorry, i didn't intend for this to be a 'here let me google that for you' thread, but i didn't expect to find photos of my exact gpu in that high of a resolution.)

    that's a relief, but unfortunately the card is still going completely undetected by my system. it's in the other pci-e slot now. fans are going, as before, but it doesn't show up in the windows device manager or system info, the included software does nothing when i click the "driver" tab, and nvidia's driver application tells me it can't find any compatible hardware. i have pci-e selected in my bios as my primary vga (other options are onboard and pci). and obviously i'm not getting a signal from either dvi port.

    anything else i can try?
  4. Is it in the PCIe slot closest to the CPU? Also, it would be helpful to know your full system specs.
  5. Yah if your using just a single card you can only use it in the top slot.Reinsert the GPU and install the drivers asap.

    Can you list your full system specs plz.(CPU,RAM,PSU,etc.)Would make it easier to know what were working with.
  6. it was, i tried it in the lower slot and got the same results.

    i5 2500k
    asrock z68 extreme3 gen3
    msi twin frozr ii gtx560 ti
    antec ea750
    cm haf 912
  7. Dumb question .....have you plugged in the 2 x 6 pin power to the card?
  8. On board video works fine?
  9. yes, the power is plugged in, and the fans are running. and yes, i am using the onboard dvi. all other components are running fine thus far.

    i thought maybe i didn't seat it correctly but since it fits snug in the case bracket i don't see any margin for error there. it can't go down any further.
  10. i was just digging around the bios for any other graphics-related options, and under advanced acpi settings there is "pci devices power on" which is disabled by default. is this relevant?
  11. I forgot what that is but I don't think it has anything to with it.

    Does Windows even acknowledge that theirs something in the PCI-E slot? Nothing shows up at all?

    Try reseating the GPU again and make sure that all of the cards PCI-E bus is in the PCI-E slot and nothing is sticking out.You shouldn't be able to see any of the contacts.

    If that doesn't work and Windows just isn't recignzing it then you might have a faulty card.If you have another mobo you can test the card in I suggest doing that.
  12. it does not show up as a display adapter in the windows device manager, or in the system info. is there a way i can check the status of the pci slots for any activity at all?

    with regards to the fitting, is there any way the card could be improperly fit when the mounting bracket screwed in fine? doesn't seem possible.
  13. It could improperly fit but it's rare.

    Do you have another card you could test with that mobo or test the GTX560ti with a different mobo?

    Perhaps you could try installing some of the motherboard drivers and/or flash the BIOS.Since it's a 3.0 mobo maybe their are some unseen glitches.
  14. Try this, with your computer turned off. Hook up the GTX 560 and the vga/hdmi/dvi cable which ever cable you are using for your monitor hooked into the video card. Now you want to take the cmos battery out for about 30 sec. to reset the cmos and place back the battery into the motherboard. Make sure the psu power cable is unplugged when your doing this also. Plug the psu power cable back in. Now turn on your computer and your motherboard should now recognize your video card.
  15. Having the same problem building new computer with Intel DZ68ZV, i7 2600, 16 g corsair memory, tx 850 psu, gtx 560 ti. mobo won't gives 2 beeps, pause, 2 beeps, indicating no video card. Put the card into another machine and it works fine... put in an ATX 4850 and it boots fine... put in an atx 450 and it has the same problem not recognizing the video card. Doesn't make sense to me why the older card would work fine but the two newer ones are not detected.

    I have checked and 3x checked seating and power connections, reset the bios several times and tried using the second PCIe slot ... still no joy. Not finding any help at either the intel or nVidia websites.

    I would appreciate any help.
  16. Samal,have you tried updating the BIOS?
  17. Go to Device Manager, Open Display Adapter, if your card is in the pull down, right click and disable, the right click again and enable, reboot. system should recognize it now.
  18. purple stank,
    I thought of that after posting, there is an update that says it corrects an error for "high memory video cards"... not worded very well, but I'm guessing it is referring to loading the board into the high memory blocks and not a video card with a lot of memory. Sounds like it might work, so I downloaded it and will give it a try. I still get nervous updating BIOS though, the new chips aren't removable so if it gets corrupted there is no fix I can do.
    I'll post the results.

  19. The only difference is that they soder it.Otherwise it would be removeable.What they'll do if you break it is un soder the broken one and put a new one in.
  20. Well I updated the BIOS to the latest and greatest using the older video card. The BIOS now reads the latest version (2076) but the 560ti still won't boot. Reset the CMOS with the jumpers and tried it, no joy... removed the battery to reset it that way... still won't boot. Just beeps. I'm all out of ideas.

  21. So do you think it's the card or the mobo that defective?
  22. I'm thinking it is the board, since the card works fine in my older ASUS board, and only the older video card will work in the Intel board, either there is some incompatibility with the two newer cards, or there is some flaw in the board itself. I just can't think of anyway to isolate the problem other than what I have done. All parts were new-in-box also, nothing was used or refurbished.

  23. Yah that's kinda of difficult to troubleshoot.I'd say RMA the card first since it's easier.
  24. Update: Even though I had flashed the BIOS once using the windows version, and even though it said it was successful and even read the correct version in the CMOS, it somehow got reset to the older version (2060). I flashed it again using the windows version, verified it had taken, but when I tried the new card it beeped again. Rebooted with the old card, and it was back to the old BIOS again.
    Flashed the BIOS using the built in (F7) function and the .bio file and this time it took. The board now works with all three cards.

    Thanks for the help and advice,

  25. Glad it worked out for you.
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