3d gaming with my setup suggestions

Hello my specs are
2500k intel quad core sandy bridge
1 gtx 580 twin frozr II OC (gets to about 90% usage on BF3 with core temp never above 70)
8 GB Ram 1333

1 tb hard drive 7200 rpm West Digital Black series
950W power supply

my question is I am looking into 3d. Is one 580 graphics card enough to have 60 fps stable? What are the best / cheapest monitors or package deals I should consider buying if I want 3-D gaming for BF3 and such. Also should I wait for the second generation glasses?

So far I am torn between


and the

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  1. Without v-sync, how many FPS does BF3 get now? You will lose up to half your FPS when you go to 3D vision.

    As far as monitors are concerned, I'd see what monitors are the horizon will support 3D vision 2. While 3D vision is nice, it can be dark. You can correct for the darkness by increasing Gamma settings, but it's not a perfect solution.
  2. Your 580 only goes to 90% usage on BF3? Time to OC that CPU :p

    I plan on going 3D as soon as the new 3D vision 2 kits start rolling out and BF3 actually has 3D support. In 2D I run my setup on full ultra 1080p no problem, but in 3D you definitely will want to turn some things down to get good FPS.
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