Can't adjust V or H position on new Samsung Monitor

I have a Radeon 6950 2Gb for what it matters and a brand new Samsung S22A350H monitor that has an inch and a half blank border around the screen. The V and H position adjustments are "greyed out" , I'm connected Via HDMI, the monitor has NO DVI out so that's not a testing possibility, only VGA out and my 6950 does not have VGA out. I have a feeling that the HDMI is somehow to blame but I'm not entirely sure.

Any help, suggestions? Oh, I exchanged the monitor for the same model, so it's not a defect.
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  1. Just a guess but:

    You're trying to run the monitor outside of its native resolution. Just increase your desktop size.

    Also there is probably some sort of setting in your graphics driver (I only know nVidia stuff) that allows you to stretch the screen to match the monitor. If so, turn it on.
  2. The monitor's native resolution is 1920x1080 and that's what I have my video card output set to from the desktop. .What exactly do you mean?
  3. Anyone?
  4. You should be able to get a dvi to vga adapter for your video card. DVI output usually contains two signals one analog and one digital, the vga adapter will carry the analog signal only.
  5. So the only solution is to use an inferior connection that reduces my resolution by a third?
  6. Sorry, I haven't used d-sub in a while, just shooting out ideas. You ought to go through the standard stuff if you can, try hooking it up to multiple sources; try different monitors on your computer.

    Having the V an H controls grayed-out, isn't atypical. It usually just means it's running on a digital signal, so it knows exactly where to put the pixels.

    There's usually resizing options on both the monitor and the videocard, you should try playing with those (see how they work, don't just set it to what you think is right.)

    What you're describing sounds like exactly what happens when you try to show a low res image on a high res screen that doesn't have a scalar. Some people do it intentionally, I did it to play Crysis.

    You might have a scalar running on both the card and the monitor and it's getting confused.
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