Nzxt Phantom 410 or the Corsair 600t? I need help, I cant decied

So, when i first bought and built my gaming computer i made a silly mistake of buying a coolermaster silencio 550 which is a awful case. So after managing to get some spare money I decided that it would be best for me to get a new case, one that is fairly quite and that as good cooling. I then came across the wonder full NZXT Phantom 410 with nice styling and good space for cable managment and lots of fans. I thought this would be a good case to get since i can then buy some noctua fans to go in it. But after looking at reviews i noticed that the Corsair 600t was cooler with its stock fans. So i thought mabye i should buy that. But since it is quite a bit more expensive im not sure if i should go for it.
What should i do? Have any of you had any experiences with these cases?
Thanks in advance

(sorry for long thread)
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  1. no doubt phantom 410 is an excellent case but 600T is better as well as more expensive.if you can spend $150,then storm trooper is a great case-
    one of the best full won't regret it.
    but if you are on a budget and wanna save some $$ then phantom 410 is a great case too.
    it's up to you.
  2. Hmmm, i think i might go for the Phantom 410 since i have only bad experiences with cooler master and i do want some extra cash to spend on fans and other stuff. Thanks man.
  3. always welcome ;)
  4. Hmmm, but after looking at some review of the 600t i think it may be a bit more wise to get it since i will be able to fit a radiator for water cooling in it, unlike the phantom 410. Grrrr i cant decide!
  5. you can mount the 240mm radiator on 410-
    i told ya 600T is better but i would take storm trooper for $150.
  6. Hmmm, im not too keen on the storm trooper too big for me and i dont like the design. But has that picture shows i think i shall go back to my original choice for the 410 since i can have some extra cash off it for more cooling unlike the storm trooper and 600t. I think my desision is final. Thank you once agian. Lol.
  7. solve the thread.
  8. Ummm, how?
  9. select best answer :lol:
  10. Im afraid i dont know how to do that either, im a bit of a noob to these fourms :(
  11. on the right hand side you will find*select best answer*.click on it.if you don't find that then leave it.
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