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I have a toshiba laptop with Vista and a Compaq laptop with windows 7 connected to a Compaq 6100 PC with XP, through a Dlink 601 N router. Both have been working great until this week when the Compaq laptop with windows 7 suddenly quit connecting to the internet. It says it is connected to the network, but with no internet connectivity. The troubleshooter cannot find anything and I have turned the cable modem (roadrunner) and router off and on multiple times to no avail. I have disabled and enabled the network multiple times to no avail. I went to command prompt to release and renew the IP address and get error messages on the operation can be performed on wireless network connection 2 while it has its media disconnected, and, an error occurred while renewing the interface wireless network connection: unable to contact your DHCP server. Any advice?
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  1. Were you in the Compaq laptop when you had the message that the media was disconnected? Limited connection is normally due to the wrong security key being used - have you checked that yours is the same as the other computers and if necessary, copied straight from the router's settings page?
  2. yes to all; it just has the yellow triangle at the bottom and I can't even connect to the neighbors wireless network outside my own network. It has been connected and used for months, and all of a sudden for no reason that I know of no longer connects to anything.

  3. Sorry but where is this yellow triangle? If in Device Manager, it needs a driver update. If it's somewhere else, please post where you're seeing it.
  4. at the bottom right, where it should show that it is connected and active; it shows a few power bars (like on a cell phone, etc) with the yellow triangle signaling that there is a problem.

  5. I go back to my suggestion about the security key if you're connected but able to go no further.
  6. i'd try to delete the connection from n/w n sharing center and then start fresh again.. might help
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