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I wanted to install an a new cooler for my i5 2500k & wanted to know if antec kuhler box would be good enough.

Also Antec's site says dat it is compatible with socket 1155. :D

But the newegg shows dat it isn't compatible with socket 1155. :ouch:

So please tell me if it is good, and whether it can be installed on my cpu??

Thanx in advance! :D
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    If Antec says it is compatibl;e I think that they have the last word. The Newegg blurb looks like it is dated before the 1155 came on the market. The cooler predated the SB platform.

    I use this website for evaluating coolers: They have an extensive database and you may be able to find comparison info on the Antec and alternatives.

    BTW i am a fanboy of the Antec H20 series and run the 620 on my home server and the 920 on my gamer.
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