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I have an Asus P6X58D premium m/b with 6gb ram (3*2 corsair tr3x6g1333c9 (ver2.1)). Im wanting to increase to 12gb do I need to buy another 6gb exactly the same or will any do with same spec?
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    It's better to have the same because all secondary timings will be the same, however when buying 2 different kits, the production date isn't the same and the module can still differ (but it's more unlikely vs random other ram)

    DDR3 have maybe 40-50 differents timing and they should be all the same, you can get it to work for sure but it'll run at the slowest speed of the 2 kits...

    PS: also getting the same looks cleaner in your build...
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  3. Thanks for this, I thought I was right but just needed reassurance?
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