Speakers on computer won't work

Can you help me to get my speakers to work on my computer
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  1. speaker generally require a separate power source, make sure they are plugged in to an outlet (and turned on :) )
    Double check that they are connected to the computer correctly, it's usually color coded.
    Open up the volume control in your OS and make sure it's turned up and not muted. Sometimes the volume gets muted for no apparent reason.
    If you're still having problems, you can try reinstalling the audio drivers.
    If that doesn't work come on back and describe the problem in detail.
  2. Laptop, desktop, mainframe ?

    Maybe post model number and some details like 'it never worked, it used to work but i upgrade to win7 and it stopped, it just stopped, it works for windows sound but not media center, it stopped when i put in a new video card and win7 defaulted to HDMI sound instead of my sound card, it stopped when i started using USB attached gaming headphones and win7 defaulted to teh headphone as the output devce, it stopped when i dropped the laptop on the floor... " you get the concept. "Can you help me to get my speakers to work on my computer" needs a bit more detail.
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