PSU fan failure.

Story like that, my previous Psu went on retirement, so I replaced it with one of those oldy ones I have at home.

Psu works fine, but I can't say the fan of it does.
It's sometimes doesn't start to spin.
Not much of a trouble as I can start it manually(with my holy hand).
But now it went really unsuccessfully, I can't get it to spin.
Maybe I should oil that fan?
And I have cleaned it from dust.

Psu same is fine, so I wont add specify it model.

While writing this fan started to move on its self like 4-6 circles and stopped again.
Got it to life. But still what may be cause of this so I can handle this in future.
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  1. Many PSU's have temperature sensors in them that won't turn the fan on until it reaches a certain temperature or load. This helps with the power consumption.

    More than likely you are not putting enough of a strain on the PSU that it needs the fan, and when it turns on for a few seconds, that is all it needs to cool itself to the point where it can shut off.
  2. Thanks for reply.
    However I have seen that when playing games psu gets hot, but fan still ignores it(It's been just one time like that(But still a cause for worry)).
    And do such heat sensors are on older psu's? This gem is bought in 2006 year.
  3. It is hard to say, you may want to start looking at a replacement.
  4. you need a replacement fan at the very least but the fact that the fan died means the psu is probably pretty old so you should consider replacing that as well...
    get a minimum of 500w and your golden for any future upgrades you care to choose...
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