PCIe slot in a laptop?

I want to get a ViDock for my laptop. The thing is my laptop does not have a PCIe slot to connect it to. Is there any way that I can put one into my computer?

Please Help

Also, what ViDock should I get for playing games like battlefield 3?

(I have a toshiba sattelite L745 S4235. It can play dead space 2 on high quality but thats the best one i own, i dont know how much it can really run)
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  1. You need an ExpressCard slot, not a PCIe slot.
    The dock does not include a graphics card. You'll have to buy one separately and put in the ViDock enclosure.
    The GPU that you buy will depend on the resolution of the screen you'll be playing on, on the amount you care about fancy graphics, and most importantly on your budget.
  2. I believe a ViDock is external, so there would be no need for a PCI-E slot for it to connect to I believe. I don't know much about them, sorry.
  3. ok im pretty sure i dont have an expressCard slot either, so what would i do then?
    (I already knew about the ViDock just being a dock, but i think there are sizes)
  4. What's the model of your laptop?
    The dock that you choose will depend on the card you'll put in it, which depends on your budget etc. The ViDock models are different in the amount of power they provide to the card.
  5. He stated the model in the OP.

    If you can get to your mpcie slot then that is your only option. Mpcie is where your wireless card is plugged into so you will lose your wireless. You will need the pe4h-pm3n + a psu + a graphics card. This will be a diy setup, but a vidock is the same parts with a case. The different sizes of vidocks come with different wattage power bricks. But since it only comes in expresscard, you can forget about it.

    It's a lot easier and cheaper if you just get a laptop(or desktop) with a good graphics card but I'm assuming it's too late to return your laptop.


    Do note that you will only get 25-50% of the actual gpu performance because you will be running at x1. And you will need an external monitor.
  6. wn edited the OP to state the model xD
    Yeah, only strange DIY setups have a hope of working^.
  7. thanks for the help. with the setup that uses the mpcie will i be able to use an ethernet cable and get internet?
  8. Yes. Ethernet is built onto the motherboard itself. Wireless is often a separate add-on card.
  9. I saw the same sort of thing where I get the mPCIe from the wireless. But I can put the wireless back in afterwards, right?
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