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Hi Everyone,
New to forum and computer builds, but continually try to learn. Couldnt see wasting money on a prebuilt that i could do myself for half the cost. Tried to go for bst price/performance and also allow for future upgrades. I'm looking for some feedback, advise ect. on the following components. Some i already have others are en route and will be here in next couple days. Thanks

CPU - AMD Phenom II 960T Zosma 3.0ghz $ 125.00 -15
Mobo- AsRock 890FX Extreme 4 AM3+ 125.00
Memory - 2x4gb Kingston HyperX 1600 Genesis 50.00
Optical - LG 24x combo oem 20.00
HDD - WD Caviar Blk. 1 Tb 7200 rpm 32mb cache owned
GPU - PNY GeForce GT 220 ! gb GDDR3 owned
PSU - XFX Pro Core 550w 70.00 -20
Case- Rosewill Challenger-U3 45.00
Cooler - Xigmatek Loki 90mm owned
$ 435.00 > $ 400.00

I plan on upgrading the gpu and getting a ssd boot drive when i got the cash. I wanted to try some light overclocking so i went with the 960T because of the possibility to unlock 6 cores and on the premis that the thuban memory controller was better than deneb. The 890FX board is loaded with options and didnt see the need to get 990FX since they are nearly identical save sli and native usb 3.0 support. I read there is a fix for sli anyway and the board has usb 3.0 support via 3rd party chip.
I would greatly appreciate any insight or thoughts on this post. Thanks. Diab :sol:
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