Toshiba laptop a200 not starting without battery

my laptop toshiba A200 is not starting without battery,( my charger output is 20 v and laptop input 19v is that a problem but it use to work fine before my stopped working it lasts only a minute now)
when i put the battery in it starts without any problem but if i put charger in when it is booting it hangs

so i usually starts it on battery and as soon as my windows appear i put charger inside before it shut downs

Any idea friends what to do

thank you in adnvance and sorry for the bad english
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  1. Haha this is the weirdest problem ive read today.
    Ive got a couple questions. Does the battery take a charge at all?

    You say you stick in in after it boot so when it finally goes to to desktop and everything what is the symbol on the lower right where the battery icon is?

    is it charging or does the PC just read it as being plugged in?

    Is this the factory charger your using?

    Is it wobbly when connected?

    What is the condition of the whole chord (including the box), is it melty?

    What is the condition of the power plug in port?
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