Size Question for Pros, 212+ vs N520 (Heatsinks)

Hi everyone,

I am building a new PC and have ordered most parts... just awaiting IB in a couple weeks.

My only question left deals with the CPU heatsinks i'm looking at:

1. The Coolermaster 212+:

and the

2. The Coolermaster N520:

My concern is with the size.

The Mid-Tower i'm getting is the Rosewill Blackhawk:

A number of reviewers of the Blackhawk note that the one drawback is the position of the sidefan makes it impossible to fit a 212+ without either removing or altering the side fan.

Since the 212+ is 120mm fan and the N520 is 92mm I am hoping that the N520 will be a better fit, in fact some reviews suggest it is used in cases where the 212+ wont fit.

Just wanted to see if anyone here had handled both and could verify the size difference.

Thank you kindly!
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  1. Thanks sharkbyte but the best answer for my particular case mentioned is to buy two thinner 120mm fans to replace the side case fan and the actual heat sink fan...

    The fans recommended by the user were $10 each... while I can actually buy the N520 for about the same price as the 212+.

    My question was more if anyone had experience with the case and Coolermaster fans. :) but thank you for your efforts.
  2. I know you were asking if anyone had experience with that case, which is why I sent you that link with people using that same cooler/case setup. The 212+ is one of the most popular coolers so I was trying to show you how to make that one work but the N520 will give same performance without any additional mods.
  3. Thanks sharkbyte but I decided to just go with a different case, slightly more $ but save on shipping so really $5 difference for NZXT Phantom with local pickup and it will definitely have room for 212.

    Thanks for your time though, it did help.
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