Can't ping or connect to my Surfboard 5101


Alright so I reconnected my SB after letting it sit powered down for 6 minutes to lose all of its configuration and I was then able to get it to connect to Cox's provisioning site and was able to get online with it, had to then force my router to re-detect the connection and now it is also working. Not sure wtf happened but seems I have fixed it for now.

Last night my ISP had an outage, or something, and I was not able to connect for quite awhile, keep in mind that my modem was working all day yesterday.

It came back up around 2:30 or 3 am last night but since I was rendering some footage in Sony Vegas I did not check to make sure everything was good. So I get on my computer this afternoon and find that I am not connected to the net and that I can not ping nor connect to my SB5101. Pings all say Request timed out.

All of the lights that should be on are on: power, receive, send, online all green, activity solid amber, which is almost never solid usually flashing. So I power cycle it and my router and plug them back in but now the internet light on my router never turns green, just flashing/solid amber.

I am able to connect to my router, a netgear WRG3500, through the gui interface just fine. So I connected directly to my surfboard and was still unable to pull an ip address or connect to the gui for it. All pings and address renews resulted in request times out or media disconnected messages.

At this point it is looking like my SB has gone bad, but I do not see how that could possibly be. These things usually have downward slides into crappy brokeness, this was immediate without any problems for 2 years.

I am connected atm with my old D-Link DCM 202 modem I had before this one, which does not want to talk with my router, not sure why.

Anyway, any opinions or ideas about how to fix my SB5101 or is it toasted?
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  1. your SB still had the old lease info from before the internet connection went down. when the internet connection came back up, the ISP's network did not have a matching record for the lease; therefore, it would not allow you to connect.
    by rebooting you received a new lease and were able to connect.

    i do not think there is anything wrong with your SB
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