Triplechannel-RAM in Dualchannel-Mobo

I can't seem to find a proper answer and explanation to this on the internet, the question is;
Will I be able to use this tripple-ram kit fully and perfectly in my dualchannel mobo- without any drops in speedrates, compatibility issues etc.?

My mobo:
The RAM I want to buy:

And one last question: If my mobo supports PC3-12800/1600Mhz, and my desired ram is rated at "native" 1600Mhz, CAS9, and I don't want to overclock it higher, do I then need XMP profiles for anything? Will my mobo detect the ram at those settings automatically, and not "reset" them ram to say, 1333Mhz, CAS10 for an example?
Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Your triple channel RAM will work fine in the dual channel mobo. Are you going from from a 1366 to 1155 motherboard?

    If there is an XMP profile, your mobo may or may not detect it. Usually you have to enable XMP profiles in the BIOS either way.
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