PC posts, boots, but no Video. Very Weird problem

Hi everyone. I have a custom built PC here and I am having a very weird problem.

asus p5q se plus mother board
core2duo E8200
HD radeon 3850

I have verified that the RAM is working and is not the problem

The problem is a weird one. When I boot the PC, it posts, enters windows, and sits at the desktop, but there is no video. No video of the motherboard's boot screen or of windows. How do I know it enters windows then? Well here is the weird thing I've never heard of. If i repeatedly hit delete when I start up the PC, it will enter the bios and video of the bios will pop up on the screen. I can then exit and discard changes, and the video will remain on and it will enter windows normally and will stay on until the PC is shutdown or restarted.

I have no idea what is causing video to only show up if I go into the bios first and then go into windows. It is extremely annoying to have to do this everytime I want to restart or turn on my PC. Any ideas?

I have updated all drivers, I have updated the bios, and I am running Windows XP professional.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Update:

    this was a very interesting problem but I finally figured out the solution and wanted to share.

    The first thing I figured out by accident was that it wasn't just the delete key that casued the video to show up, any key would cause the video to show up. That made me think that the computer wasn't in windows at all when there was no video, and that it was hanging at some screen that wouldn't show up on the monitor for some reason waiting for a key to be pressed to continue.

    I started thinking about what could come before the splash screen that would cause this, and the only thing I could think of was something like "asus gateway" or something like that where the motherboard has it's own OS for quick internet use, etc. And that maybe this was not compatible with my video card and I was not getting any video until I hit a key.

    So I disabled all of that stuff in the bios, played around with some more settings, and still nothing was fixed and the problem remained.

    Until I had a random hunch to swap out the keyboard. And sure enough, it was the keyboard causing the problem. Even though the keyboard worked perfectly once i was in windows and everything, for some reason it wasn't being initially detected by the PC and was causing it to hang, waiting for a key press, before the splash screen. Why this wasn't projected onto the monitor I have no idea, but by simply switching out the keyboard everything turned back to normal and works perfectly now.

    Imagine pulling your hair out for hours swapping parts and trying to narrow down what's going on, only to find out it was the keyboard all along lol.

    thanks for your time everyone.
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