GTX 280- Wait till GTX 600 series or settle for an 560 ti for now?

Hi guys im new to Toms Hardware, i was just wondering if i should upgrade my GTX 280 to a 500 series or just wait till 600's? The main reason im wanting to upgrade atm is im looking ahead to :The Elder Scrolls Skyrim next week: I really want to max this game out as much as i can... Currently i haven't had any problems maxing out most of hte other games i've thrown at my GTX 280- Dragon age2 (With the exception of DX11) Fear 3- Rage- Crysis 2- but what im really concerned about is the fact that im using my GTX 280 with DX10 and just like Dragon age 2 i won't be able to enable all the graphical GOODIES because i can't operate at DX11 and im kind of on a budget so i've been looking at the GTX 560 TI or a GTX 560, GTX 480 maybe... but a 580 is out of the question. My question here is will it be a feasible upgrade from my GTX 280 to GTX 560 ti?
I've looked at stuff like this:
But im pretty sure the GTX 285 is a bit better than my 280 but is it worth the 250$ to dish out for this card? Or should i just wait and see what i can get? Although id rather have something that can max out skyrim SOON! Might jump the gun here guys so any replies or opinions would be awesome. Thanks

I'm really looking at this so far or the Gigabyte one for 220$, but i like the dual fans and i love EVGA and that step-up program may come in handy for the 600 series

Specs as of now:(Note only thing i really want to upgrade right now is my Video card)
24" Asus 1920x1080 HDMI 1080p (Not HDMI right now... due to the GTX 280's DVI-Svideo connections :( )
Asus MB- cant remember the model but its fairly new SLI capable yadda yadda ready for Bulldozer
AMD phenom II X4 965 BE
G-skill 8gb sniper
GTX 280(WANT TO REPLACE if neccessary)
1000W Cooler Master
Dragon Rider Case Full Tower-
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  1. In december nvidia is going to upgrade their 560ti's you could wait until next year or wait until december, that would be the best bet.
  2. Alright right on, what kind of upgrade will this be any idea? At the worst couldn't i upgrade to a 560 Ti through Evga now and even use the Step-up to check out this Ti in December?
  3. Ok so basically what i've kind of seen from reading about the new upgraded 560 ti's in december, is that its basically a GTX 570 with some things dumbed down, switching from the 114FF model to a 110FF or something like that... So i've been looking up benchmarks and stuff comparing the 560ti to the 570 and there is at best a 5-20 fps difference in most games using the resolution i need, and a noticeable 10-16% performance increase overall right? So assuming the new upgraded 110ffGTX560ti will be a little worse wouldn't it just be worth it to go ahead and snag a 560ti from EVGA now and use the 90 day step-up if i need to later on?
  4. Im almost kind of set on getting a GTX 560 Ti right now very soon, Im just wondering am i making a pretty logical decision to do so right now? I really want to enjoy Skyrim on the DX-11 and 1080p so i feel i am justifying this upgrade, thanks guys... Still want some more Opinions!
  5. The "upgraded" TI seems to be a joke. As you pointed out there is little difference between the current GTX560TI and the GTX570. But moving over to the other chip will increase performance a bit, but increase power usage a lot. You're better off just OCing the current GTX560TI.

    It's just a few weeks away, I'd look on the cyber monday sales. Perhaps you'll see a good card for cheap then. If not, you might want to wait for the new GTX560TI anyways. It might cause the price of the current TI to drop a bit.
  6. Thanks for the Reply's I might go with the MSI twin frozr II on Newegg for 245$ and maybe SLI them later or whatever- Thanks all for input
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    Yea just buy the 560ti now, you can close the gap between it and the 570 by overclocking anyways if you need to.
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