I want to use a 2560 x 1600 monitor with BF3. What card do I need?

I am currently running a GTX 295 driving my Dell 30" monitor. I want to run max graphic settings with games like BF3 and the upcoming COD 3. And I want to run 2560 x 1600 resolution. Which card (s) do I need? Do I need an SLI setup? Will a single GTX 570 or 580 suffice? BTW, I have a kilowatt power supply so I think I'm set in that department.


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  1. If you want to max BF3 at 2560x1600 with good frames you will need a monster setup. I would say 2x GTX 580 3GB's. If that is too much then a GTX 590 would be minimum. You could also do 2x GTX 570 in SLI, but I'm not convinced 1.25gb of VRAM is enough at that resolution.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Would I also need 2x GTX 580 3 Gb if I want to run med to high settings. Is it the amount of VRAM that's critical to performance? Is there a significant visual difference between medium and super high graphic settings? I've been using a GTX 295 for a while so I'm not exactly spoiled when it comes to graphic performance. However, when I upgrade I want to see a major difference.
  3. No, the amount of VRAM you need decreases with decreasing resolution, texture quality, and AA. You could probably use 1GB fine at 2560x1600 if you run it high with no AA. But you still need a lot of horsepower to push that many pixels.
  4. You only need 2x 570 SLI or a 590. A total of 3GB RAM is good enough to get good frames on high. 2x 580 can do triple 1080 monitor basically.
  5. Okay, so if I use SLI GTX 580's with standard ram (1.5gb) then I can get high frame rates and high (but not max) graphical performance on 2560 x 1600 resolution?
  6. The 1.5gb gtx 580's will probably work fine, but if I was going to spend that much I would go with the 3gb version and not worry about it.
  7. Either the GTX 590 or 580SLI will run ultra great. I suggest EVGA, great customer service and warranty.
  8. AMD Crossfire performance at 2560:

    NVidia SLI Performance at 2560:

    6950s (2GB) in crossfire slightly outperformed (on average, in this benchie) the more expensive 570s in SLI. Either setup will get you where you need to be.

    There's nothing wrong with brand preference when you have two competitors putting out really solid products. 6950 crossfire (and most likely 560ti SLI) and better will be great. Factor in nvidias generally higher power use and AMDs general reputation for more finicky drivers. You really can't make a bad decision these days as long as you're shopping for a good deal on the model you decide on.
  9. i would suggest 6050 2gb versions in crossfire.570 has 1.2 gb and metro 2033 eats up
    more than 1400mb VRAM.so 570 will not perform well on that resolution due to lack of VRAM.so 6950 crossfire will do good and even better if overclocked.Sapphire toxic edition is very famous nowdays.
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