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So I recently purchased new hardware for a new computer build, and I am having a bit of trouble. My friend and I (who is a pretty big computer guy) were trying to get my computer to enter POST. We double, even triple checked that everything was plugged in to where it needed to be. We also searched online a lot for solutions for the problem. A lot of the responses would talk about the speaker doing a series of beeps if something was wrong. But the speaker in my motherboard will not even beep. When i turn on the power to my computer, all the fans spin, the mobo lights turn on, and it looks like everything is fine. However, there is no POST beep and also nothing that appears on the monitor screen. We decided to call it quits for now, and have decided that it might just be a DOA motherboard.

If anyone knows of any other checks we can do to find out the problem, or has an effective way to even see if the problem is with the motherboard itself. Please let me know!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hi, It would be helpful to list the components (motherboard, CPU, PSU). When starting the board outside the case with only CPU and CPU fan installed, do you get the beeps?
  2. with no beep you may have forgotten the 4/8 pin pci cable or the mb is shorting out. most time a missing standoff or the i\o shield or the cables are not locked in.
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