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HD-6870 2GB vs GTX-560

Hi, I'm going to be building my new system very soon (Here's the link of that build: and am wondering if I should get the GTX-560 or the 2Gb 6870, priced very close together. And would a Radeon GPU work better with a AMD processor, as compared to a Nvidia card?
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  1. Slight edge to the 6870 imo.
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    No real diff mixing AMD, ATI, Nvidia & Intel

    i would not bother with the 2gb version of the 6870, 2gb wont be used at 1080P resolutions.

    but either card is a good choice.
  3. get the 1gb 6870 you wont regret it!
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  5. Can you explain a little about why 2Gb won't be used at 1080P? (I'll be using Dual-Monitors too)
  6. here are the benchmarks

    you will see the 1gb 6950 will equal or sometimes outperform the 2gb 6950 in the 1920x1080 tests.

    there are some gains to the 2g 6950 in the 2560x1600 tests.

    so unless ur gaming above 1080p (eyefinity or studio quallity monitor) there is no difference you will see. infact if anything the 2gb would be a little slower.

    this is based on current games released anyway.
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